We do not recommend buying used materials. Ritmos, Rostros, Auf geht's! and Weiter geht's! are unlike traditional textbooks in that the book portion is a hybrid workbook and textbook, and each requires an equally important online component.

We seek to provide the best learning experience for students using our materials. Research shows that you will learn Spanish or German better thanks to the benefits of writing out answers by hand, and that is an important feature of our materials. However, that means that used copies will have answers already written in by someone else, making used books less useful than normal.

In addition, used sellers often do not include a copy of the web access, or they may send you a code that was already used. Factor this into your decision as you may need to purchase software/web access separately.

Unfortunately, if you already purchased a used copy and find it is not the right edition for your class, you will need to contact the seller to arrange for a return. We cannot refund you for a purchase made through a third party.