Note: This FAQ page applies to the Weiter geht's! software program or legacy versions of the Auf geht's! and Ritmos software programs only. If you are using a web access account at, your Chromebook can access that site without any problems.

Google created the Chromebook and the Chrome operating system as a budget alternative to a full laptop. It was designed to run an internet browser and applications that are loaded and used completely over the internet. It was not created to run most full-fledged computer programs that are installed on your computer, such as Microsoft Office, iTunes, or Adobe Creative Suite products. This includes our software programs, which must be installed on your computer to run. Therefore, we are not able to offer supported versions for the Chromebook.

If you do not have access to a computer with a Windows or Mac operating system, speak with your professor or contact us to see if we can help set up the software program on a campus computer for you to use at no additional charge.