Your software download happens in two phases. The first phase is a small download that you initiate from the link in our web store after placing your order or the link in your confirmation email. This downloads an installation manager into your Downloads folder and should only take a few seconds. The second phase happens when you start the installation manager. This program downloads the rest of the software from our website and then performs the installation.

If your download stalls in phase 2, you do not need to go through the web store again. Just go to your computer's Downloads folder and double click on the program installer to resume the process.

If the download stalls in phase 1, you will need to use your code in the web store again. The software download codes are set to a limited number of uses. If your code is marked as fully used but you were not able to complete the software download yet, please fill out a support ticket and describe your situation. We'll be able to reset your code so you can use it again.

Unfortunately, if you received a nonfunctional code from a used bookseller, you will need to contact that seller to arrange for a refund. The code is already assigned to the original user and is not transferable.