If you are using the web-based content at evialearning.com, any computer or tablet with internet access can be used -- it does not need be your personal computer. All colleges offer internet-connected computers for student use in labs or the campus library. Feel free to ask your professor if you're not sure where your campus offers internet access.

If you are using an software program rather than the web-based platform, you do need access to a computer that you can install a software program on. If you do not own one, you have a few options.

See if you can borrow a computer from a friend or roommate. The software program is not especially large (between 0.5 and 1 GB) and most homework assignments take 30-60 minutes per sitting. A roommate might let you use their computer while they are in class.

Speak with your professor to see if the software can be installed on a campus computer. We are happy to offer copies of the software for use on campus computers. For more information, professors should contact us directly.

Finally, since a computer is such a useful and necessary part of college life in many ways, consider buying a used or refurbished computer. You can find used computers in excellent condition for a low price. Be aware, though, that our software programs do not work on Google Chromebooks or Linux machines.