Our software programs automatically save your completed work, so you don't need to do anything extra to save your work. Your scores will appear on the printout you create at the end of each Thema/tema.

Sometimes it may appear that an activity you previously completed now has a score of 0/0. However, as long as the letter of that activity is darkened in the top bar, your best score is still saved. It shows a 0/0 on the screen now because you are able to start the activity again, and this is where your new score appears.

If you are having a problem where the software does not save your work, see this article for troubleshooting advice.

Note: this FAQ page only applies to the Evia Learning software products. If you are having trouble with the web-based platform at evialearning.com not saving your work, please fill out a support ticket and let us know more details of the problem.