By default, our software programs appear at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. If your screen is smaller than this, the monitor does not meet the minimum system requirements for running the software.

Our software programs are programmed to use a custom font and font size, which are installed on your computer with the rest of the program. If there are settings on your computer that stop our software from accessing the font folder, a different font and font size are automatically assigned by the Mac operating system. This often makes the software content look zoomed in or continue below the bottom of the software window with no way to scroll down.

The first solution is to repair permissions on your Mac. This should be a routine maintenance task for your Mac, although many users do not know about it, which can cause problems throughout the computer. Here is a quick walkthrough on how to do this.

If that did not work, the next step is to try creating a new admin account on your Mac and run our software program using that account. If it now works, then the settings in your main user account were definitely the cause of the problem, but it is more difficult for us to address them remotely. You may be able to take your computer to an Apple store for in-person support, or you may find using a second user account a sufficient workaround.

If neither of those fix the problem, please fill out a support ticket and describe the situation. Be aware that we are not able to offer in-person support, and monitor issues are tricky to identify and fix remotely. It may be necessary to set up a school computer or other alternative for you to use.