A script error is a general alert that something caused the software program to stop working correctly. Always restart the software program after encountering a script error. Often the program will force quit itself, but even if it does not, manually close the program before moving on. Until then, you will encounter further odd errors and the program may not save your homework correctly.

A script error can either be triggered by a specific action or it can be a one-time event. If it is a triggered error, it will happen every time you do that thing in the software. This could be entering a specific screen, seeing a specific vocab word prompt in an activity, or clicking a particular area of the screen. Triggered script errors are embedded into the software, so we unfortunately cannot fix it immediately. These are rare, but please fill out a support ticket and include as many details as possible if you encounter one.

A one-time script error is caused by a confluence of events that is unlikely to occur with great frequency and is not triggered by a specific action inside the software. These script errors generally do not occur again after restarting the program.