If you suspect the software is not saving all of your work, the first question is whether it saves any of your work at all. If not, this indicates that the software is being blocked from saving data by your computer. See this article for possible solutions. If those do not work, please fill out a support ticket!

If it instead seems like the software saves scores for some activities but not others, we need to confirm that is the case. Sometimes you may think data has not been saved because you completed an activity and later returned to that screen to see a score of 0/0 in the corner. Do not worry! This simply means that you are allowed to do the activity again to try to get a better score than last time, and the 0/0 is where your new score will tick up. If you look in the top navigation bar at the letters of activities, you'll notice that the letters start out light and are darkened after you finish each screen. This shows that the software remembers you finished that screen, and your best score is saved for any activity on that screen. Create a printout for that section and see if it contains a score for that screen or not. If so, then your data is saved!

If you find some data is definitely lost, create a printout and note specifically which activities are affected. Go back to those screens in the software and complete the activity a second time, and create another printout. Has anything changed? Is data still missing? If so, please fill out a support ticket and let us know the situation. Include details on which activities were affected. If possible, also attach your printout.