First, see if you received an automated email from our shipping partner that contains a tracking number for your package. They use the email address for these confirmation emails. (This is an unmonitored email address, so please do not email that address.) Also check your Spam folder in case your email provider sent it there instead of your inbox. If you do have a tracking number, you can check it at one of the following websites to see the status of your shipment. It's possible it was delayed or misrouted at first, but is still on its way to you with a new delivery date.

UPS website

US Postal Service (Priority Mail) website

If the tracking information says the item was delivered but you haven't gotten it yet, double check the address you used for the package and consider if someone else may have picked up the package for you. Did you give the address of a family member instead of your college dorm address? Is it possible it was delivered to the campus mail room and they have the package? Do you have roommates or neighbors who might have gotten the package and forgot to give it to you? Does your apartment have a front desk that may have accepted your package?

If the tracking information says the delivery person left a note in your absence, you will need to contact the delivery service (UPS or USPS) to arrange pickup or a new delivery time, even if you weren't able to locate the note. We are not able to intervene at this point unless it is being returned to us.

If you do not have tracking information, or if you cannot find the package and think it may have been lost or stolen, please fill out a support ticket and let us know the details of your situation!